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Our club is situated a couple of miles north of Crowland, and 5 miles south of Spalding on the old A1073. Our postcode for your sat nav is PE6 0JW

When you arrive please park your car with the other cars and either report to the club house or seek advice from a club member. We generally operate most weekends, bank holidays plus a few other arranged days and evenings. You are welcome to phone beforehand to ensure we are flying due to weather or any other issues. Contact us page.


You will be entering an active airfield. Please read these instructions and ask for advice in the clubhouse or from a club member before proceeding onto the airfield.

Be aware that aircraft do land in any direction and gliders are silent.

Please keep dogs on a lead, and keep children under control.

When walking to the launch point keep to the edge of the runway keeping a good lookout for landing aircraft. The arrows on the map below indicate approach paths of aircraft. Our runways are grass so it is not immediately obvious of the runway edge. Being a small airfield most of our site is used as runway.

If you have to cross a runway have a good look in all directions before you start to cross. Gliders are silent and once in circuit are committed to landing. They cannot "go around" if there is an obstruction on the runway.

If going to the south end of the airfield you will likely be crossing an active runway so take extra care.

Once at the launch point please report to the Duty Pilot.

Download airfield plan (pdf file)