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Package 1: Introductory Glider Flight

A single flight (launched by aerotow) with an instructor.

It includes pre-flight briefing, and 2 months membership to our club. This flight will be in one of our dual control gliders so the recipient will be given the opportunity to take control during the flight.

Price 85

Package 2: An Introduction to Gliding

This is a day's course that includes 3 aero tows to at least 2,000 feet. It includes pre-flight briefings, instruction and also 2 months membership of the Club. Although called a days course the 3 flights don’t have to be taken on the same day.

Price 180

Package 3: A Mile High flight

As per package 1 but with an aero tow to 5,280 feet (one mile) and with a longer flight time. There are a few days in the year where this flight can not be flown. To achieve this height which is usually higher than cloud base we require gaps in the cloud cover, (or no cloud). Please look at the weather forecast beforehand or phone us on the day.

Price 130

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